Lintoc Care, LLC is an approved training center for DES/DDD


To see what dates and times we have for trainings please contact our H.R. Administrative Coordinator.



The cost of each course is shown below. Payment is due on the day of your training.

If you work for Lintoc Care you only pay when/if you want a copy of your certification.


All trainings will be held in a training room at our main office in Mesa.


All certifications will be sent out via email (May take up to 24 hours).


Our company has designed the best training approach for staff that support and enhance client's independence, self-esteem, dignity, value, and mutual respect.

This course will go over the rights of the individuals we support, abuse, neglect and the reporting requirements. Article 9 breaks down teaching techniques that can be used to support someone who may be displaying challenging behaviors. Basically, it clarifies the parameters that all direct support professionals must work within.
This course will provide the Direct Support Professional (DSP) tools on how to de-escalate interfering conduct. The DSP will gain knowledge about how to better understand what the person supported may be communicating with their behavior. The student will learn why it is important to find out the function of a person’s behavior so a new replacement skill can be taught. Finally, if all least intrusive interventions have failed and imminent danger is present, the student will learn how to safely apply an emergency physical intervention technique.
This course teaches students critical skills needed to respond to and manage an emergency until emergency medical services arrives. The student will be led through chest compression practice that focuses on proper technique, compression depth and pace. Scenario based exercises mixed with practical practice ensures the student leaves with a basic understanding of proper first aid techniques.
This course provides best practice recommendations for the incident reporting process in Arizona programs funded by the Department of Economic Security/Division of Developmental Disabilities.
This course will give the Direct Support Professional (DSP) the tools necessary to support a person in taking their medication. The DSP will learn about the importance of clear and concise communication with not only the person being supported but the prescribing physician and pharmacy as well. Another important topic covered are what’s known as the “3 checks” and the “6 Rights” in administering medication. Medication errors and what to do when one is made is discussed in this course. Many more topics are covered in this course that will prepare the DSP to do their job correctly.
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